Customised stand-up pouch

The stand-up pouch combines design and quality for a stand-up packaging solution.

Our stand-up pouches can be made from barrier materials, which allows for a longer shelf life of the product.

For better ergonomics, ease of use and visibility on the shelf, there are also shapecutting or laser-cutting options to facilitate opening.

Our field teams will help you choose flexible materials and recyclable structures.

A wide range of stand-up pouches are available in paper or recyclable solutions.

Advantages of a stand-up pouch

  • replaces rigid trays or boxes, which considerably reduces the weight of the packaging and facilitates storage,
  • easy to use for the consumer.

Practicality options :

Zip d’ouverture à glissière - digiflex
zip opening or or easy open zip
Amorce de déchirure pour ouverture facile - digiflex
Tear notch for easy opening
Diet cut handle
round or European hole
various special shapes (eco-loading) and easy opening

Digital pluses for stand-up pouches

Digital printing does not impose minimum order quantities as required by conventional gravure or flexographic processes. Quantities depend on the size of your bags, however, producing one model or a multitude of references is less costly for a single size.

Our bags can hold products from a few grams or milliliters to containers of more than 1kg or 1litre.