Customised flat bags

Flat pouches are sealed on 3 sides flat and wrinkle-free, therefore they are hermetic. Packaging materials are made of different polymers depending on the level of oxygen, moisture or UV protection they require.

Our field teams will help you choose flexible materials and recyclable structures.

A wide range of flat bags are available in paper.

The flat bags are made to measure, both in terms of size and graphic personalisation.

Advantages of a flat bag

  • ideal for semi-automatic packaging
  • many convenience options for the consumer
  • easy to use for the consumer
  • easy to store

Practicality options :

Tear notch for easy opening and round or European hole for hanging
zip opening or or easy open zip
Diet cut handle
laster pre cut

The advantages of digital for flat bags

Digital printing does not impose the minimum order quantities required by conventional gravure or screen printing processes. Quantities depend on the size of your bags, however, producing one model or a multitude of references will be less costly for a single size

Our bags can hold products from a few grams or milliliters to containers of more than 1kg or 1litre.