Pet food

The pet food market is booming both in the variety of its recipes and in the packaging formats. For the greatest omfort of our little companions, producers offer kibble for all breeds of animals and for all ages. The digiflex digital process allows for small print runs, without the cost for printing equipment, and speeds up the time to market.

Our packaging solutions adapted to the preservation of Pet Food products

Our pets are sensitive to odours and appreciate the aroma of their kibble. We have a wide range of aroma and moisture barrier products. We study the practicality of packaging to ensure that it is always easy to use. Our range of stand-up pouches is designed to meet the needs of our customers, with zippers and a wide range of constructions to preserve the products. Our technical teams will support you throughout the implementation of your projects.

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who that will combine production performance and design quality

The advantages of digital printing for the pet food market

digiflex digital printing is proving to be the premium printing process of choice for the development of Pet Food ranges, by personalising the bag for different breeds of pets, by offering special dietary recipes, or by small container bags that make it easier to transport your pet's favorite food.