Whether it's chocolates, jelly beans, sugar pastes, candied fruit, candy melts, we all appreciate these exquisite tasting moments!

The confectionery market is a highly concentrated sector, but one that leaves a significant place for small businesses and regional specialities.

It must respond to numerous challenges such as the growing demand for healthy and balanced products, with a trend towards "healthy", organic or even vegan products. Communication through packaging is a very important element.

Our packaging solutions for confectionery and chocolate

digiflex offers many constructions and types of packaging to preserve products in all their forms. Depending on the type of packaging, the level of aroma preservation, the practicality or a particular finishing touch, you can choose from conventional or sustainable and/or renewable materials.

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who that will combine production performance and design quality

digiflex digital printing enhances the performance of confectionery packaging

To better appeal to its consumers, the eco-design of packaging and personalisation can help to better position a brand; and connect with their market. The absence of a printing tool considerably reduces creation costs, so marketing departments can launch ranges targeting particular regional events or special recipes according to seasonality.

As you can see, digiflex offers small print runs, no tooling costs, leaving the field of possibilities open for a marketing department or a packaging buyer who is sensitive to productivity on his packaging lines.